Racing K4 - Atalanta (1958 - 1959)

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K4 ”ATALANTA” is not just a new model, it is also a great improvement, because the paddler no longer is troubled by the hampering of the 60 cm wide hull. In this boat all four paddlers are free to move their hands along the cockpit, on top of the gunwale.

If we didn’t use a concave cross section, we’ll have to make the kayak, with the same bottom, 3 cm higher to retch the demanded wide at the gunwale, and the paddlers would have to chock up the seats in order to get the freedom of movements.

Under the waterline the bottoms slim and stretch shape is semicircular shaped cross section. The shape reminds a lot of an outrigger, but it is also obvious, that it is what it demands. The V-shape doesn’t carry enough, and the surface is too big.

Hereby the comparison with the outrigger ends; the propulsion of the kayaks makes it necessary with a deeper cross section in the fore- and aft body, to avoid the boat to zigzag during the stroke. “ATALANTA” is designed with these backgrounds, and again the concave cross section in the fore body result, that also this model achieves the correct slim lines in the waterline.

A deep and effective astern rudder supplies the boat with a good steering ability, and the round well carrying cross section in the aft body discourage the eddies and the loss of speed by racing in a round course.

By “ATALANTA” the designer Jørgen Samson has ended a lot of prejudices, and created a boat without excessively displacement, as the earlier K4 has had. “ATALANTA” is calculated to carry up till 350 kg with the smallest possible area under the waterline, and its speed can not be surpassed.

This model is the fastest vessel in our sport.

Paddlers: max 350 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson