499,00 kr
Solbriller fra Bomber Eyewear flyder på vandet!
Det er en stærk, og letvægts-solbrille som sidder godt fast til dit hoved, som gør at de ikke falder af!
Men hvis det sker, kan du være helt rolig. De flyder nemlig oven på vandet.
Se video nederst på siden..

Bomber Eyewear skriver selv om deres patenteret EVA skum:
  • Due to our patent protection, Bomber is the ONLY manufacturer who adds highquality, non-toxic EVA foam to its eyewear. 

  • All Bomber glasses with this foam are fully guaranteed to: Float: No other floating eyewear provides the same superior buoyancy of EVA foam period.

  • Grip: Non-slip EVA converts your glasses into strapless goggles. The foam grips and never slips.

  • Prevent Dry Eye: Just enough foam at the hinges keeps the vortex of dust and dry air from forming near your eyes.

  • Just Feel Good: The smoothness, even temperature and overall comfort of EVA foam lets you wear your glasses longer at a time.
  • Our lenses offer full UV-400 protection and insure a clear view under all conditions.
  •   All Bomber Eyewear lenses feature decentered optics to provide distortion-free vision which reduces eye fatigu.

  • Additionally, all of our lenses are Polarized! The sun’s rays reflect light in every direction, so when a ray hits a flat surface, the reflected light shines back at your eye and is magnified, causing glare.

  • Glare is a real buzzkill. It reduces your depth perception, distorts your view and color perception, and can even temporarily blind you. The chemical filter on the lenses of our polarized sunglasses is designed to absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Because light only travels in one direction through polarized lenses, glare and reflections from various objects, such as pavement, water, snow and glass are significantly eliminated. They ensure a clear view with excellent distance perception.