K4 Racing - Shanty (1959)

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“SHANTY” is a convex K4, which is replacing “ATLANTA”; witch had a concave cross section. In a K4 the height of the hull is deciding, how comfortable the paddlers are in the boat. If it’s to height, it’s made difficult to adapt from the single and the double kayaks, and the paddlers can not make the best possible use of their strength.

Therefore we haven’t built the “SHANTY” higher than the previous model, even though we could have reduced the width under the water, as we pleased. It is primarily the friction from the water, witch set the limits for the speed in a K4, and therefore the V-shape will not pay off, because of its big wet surface.

“SHANTY” is the only one of our new models, where the width in the waterline is increased. Actually it is only 14 mm, and further down the bottom it is corresponding narrower to maintain the same “prismatic coefficient”. Also in this model the round cross section with the great carrying capacity, fades into a U-shaped aft body, witch support the boat splendid during speed, and allow the sharp turns at the round course.

The European championship at 1000 m was won by the crew from eastern Germany in an “ATALANTA”. It is our convincing that “SHANTY” is matching this model in speed.