K2 Racing - Sisu (1958)

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Maybe we are a little superstitious. At any rate we take the canoeists´ first impression of a new model as an omen of its future. The first time the new K2 “SISU” was presented, the judgement was: “That boat will take medals home”. Six months later the prophecy came true. On the first occasion, the World Championships in Prague, the “SISU” won both gold, silver, and bronze!

The “SISU” is designed for increased speed, especially over short distances. It has a body above the water line which conspicuously distinguishes it from all other K2. The sides of the boat are with a fine sheer, cut down on a level of each cockpit so that height and breadth are quite as in a K1. The boat is widest just behind the front canoeist where it will not hamper the paddling. The modern design of the single kayak which was seen in Prague for the first time has been transferred directly from the “SISU”. Canoeists are enthusiastically utilizing the improved possibility of moving the paddle closer to the centerline of the boat, and they may change from K1 to a K2 without changing paddle technique.

The drawing shows how smooth and clean all lines are both under and over the water. The displacement is even and whether the water be dead clam or rough. The “SISU” will cut its slender hull easier through the water then any other double kayak. This winter the mould of the boat has been gone through in all details. The lines and the freeboard height of the fore-body have been corrected on the latest experience, and the cockpits are of the new appropriate type. They are placed in the right distance and have now been entirely harmonically built together with the hull in the same fine style as our K1 “SPRINTER”.

The “SISU” has almost the same curve of displacement as the “ACCORD”, but it obtains it in quite another way. The “SISU” is deeper fore and aft, but at the same time narrower than the “ACCORD”. This gives the “SISU” its unsurpassed sprinting qualities whilst the “ACCORD”, with its smooth run maintains its adherents among the longer-distance competitors.

The “SISU” is built of choise Cedar with stem, stern, edge lists, and inlaid wood of Maple. The rudder is of impact-resistant plastic.

Beam: 55 cm
Length: 650 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Designer: Jørgen Samson