K2 Racing - Sharkie (1959)

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”SHARKIE” is built with the same shape as the most victorious K2 ever built: the ”ATTACCA”. Most paddlers prefer this boat. There were hardly any other boats at Duisburg. Therefore all European championships were won in “ATTACCA”. The reason for these outstanding qualities is the shape of the bottom; it can’t be made slimmer nor more fully, without reducing the speed.

The width at the waterline is perfect for a K2, and it isn’t changed in “SHARKIE”. On the other hand the aft body is more U-shaped and deeper, in accordance with our latest experiences. “SHARKIE” is steadier during a spurt than the “ATTACCA” was, and it even has a better glide at any speed.
The new name is actually mend to draw attention to the fact that the boat now is convex both lengthwise and across, and thereby it fulfils the rules for measuring – no matter what result the voting will bring.

Designer:  Jørgen Samson