K2 Racing - Regina (1985)

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The first ”REGINA” was build in 1985, and competed the same year in the World Championship at 500 m, by Ferguson and McDonald from New Zealand. They are a very strong crew, and you can actually see their will to victory at the picture.

Shaped in real Honduras mahogany
The superior material for kayak building. Through sophisticated workmanship it offers unique tension and firmness in the narrow hull. From the very moment the “REGINA” leaves the heat in the oven, and the pressure of 7 atmospheres it is completely form stabile. It doesn’t change its inner tension, like artificial material does during there long period of hardening, witch can course changes of, for instance the rocker. Furthermore the surface of the wood is developed to be the hardest known to day. These two reasons alone makes “REGINA” the sure choice for a good crew.

Low wave-making
Is a special advantage for a K2 witch is so heavy loaded and hard driven forward, that the bow-wave grows very high and heavy. It lowers the stern and the kayak must be driven “up hill”. This problem has been solved with “REGINA”, and the result is a reduction in the water resistance by 1.6 %

Less wind resistance
It’s an object of great attention, because it often is only few centimetres that decide the positions in a race. Rough wind can increase the resistance with up till 15 %, and on top of it comes the correction with the rudder. The high for-body of the K2`s is for that reason about to disappear; the new “REGINA” has got a freeboard witch is 20 mm lower and is furthermore moving nearly horizontal during rowing.

Agreement among the paddlers
About the insignificant wave-making both by the bow and astern, total agreements also about the horizontally glide; it is qualities obvious to every one. The paddlers feel in addition how this kayak “goes up” in a start and in a spurt without a hitch by the strokes.
They know that they can rely on there “REGINA” when the starting signal sounds.

Les friction resistance
Because the oblique freeboard smoothly bends the light upper part of the bow-wave away from the surface of the fore body and thereby don’t slow down the speed.

The carry capacity
Is unchanged in relation to the K2 ”MAKKER”, but the displacement is divided in a different way, while the “REGINA” is designed with the last experience. Above the water line the carrying capacity increase more rapidly in the new model, and is therefore better adapted to different loads (125 – 175 kg).

The tallest paddler is to be located aft, and “REGINA” shall be trimmed the same way as K1 “CLEAVER” and K1 “TIGER”. The trim is to be adjusting in smooth water, it is correct when the stern is nearly as height above the water as the stem. It is not recommend using a trim with a deep bow, because the “REGINA” doesn’t have any tendency to “stall” in the peek of the stroke.

Padders: 125 – 175 kg
Designer:  Ole Gibsholm Madsen