K2 Racing - Glider (1965)

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K2 ”GLIDER” is a design without a preceding stage within its own class. That stage has simply been skipped and the new model does not look like “RIBELLE” at all. Especially the difference between the hulls above water of the tow boats is conspicuous. “RIBELLE” is widest in the middle while ”GLIDER” is widest somewhat abaft of the rear cockpit. The difference is felt even more than it is seen because it means enormously much to freedom of movement. In ”GLIDER” the rear paddler has a freedom as if he was sitting in a ”RAPIDO” while the paddler in front has the same space as in a ”HUNTER” – he cannot ask for a narrower boat if he is to sit in it.

”GLIDER” is just as distinguishably round-bottomed as ”HUNTER”. Every possibility which can reduce the wetted surface has been taken into consideration. Especially Jørgen Samson`s experience from construction of rowing sculls has been of importance. If you turn a ”GLIDER” upside down you must look carefully to find the measuring beam. There is no trace at all of it below the water line. This was more then you could hope for, because the beam had to be moved so far astern because of the tow cockpits which are even situated so far apart.

Even if proportions like length/beam and beam/draft differ in the doublekayak you will recognize “HUNTER`s” principle in ”GLIDER`s” pretty smooth bottom: The greatest possible displacement within the narrowest possible form. Details as deck, cross sections, cockpit and rudder are covered completely by the preceding description of “HUNTER”.

”GLIDER” can carry up to 400 lbs. ( 180 kg ).

Paddler: 100 - 180 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson