K2 Racing - Attaca (1957)

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The K2 “ATTACCA” is among specialists considered to be the best K2 kayaks ever build. Nothing can be changed on this boat, the rocker, the height of the freeboard, the placement of the cockpits. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. It is the paddlers them self who has given it its reputation as the ideal K2 kayak.

The shape of the bottom is determined to achieve the most favourable values for the width at the waterline, the depth and the slenderness in the aft and fore body.

At the drawing table it is ensured that construction has a completely smooth shape and the necessary carrying capacity. “ATTACCA” turns rapidly at the round running tracks. And it has actually got that extra, witch gives a length in a 100 m spurt.

Try the “ATTACCA” at shallow water. An interesting test because the wave making after the boat is increased as if the speed was much higher. Also under these circumstances the “ATTACCA” will, like the rest of our boats with concave cross section, amaze you because of the small wave making.

Designer: Jørgen Samson