K2 Racing - Accord (1956)

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The “ACCORD” a steady double kayak, quick as lightning, has been admired everywhere because of its graceful and perfectly even shape; the most prominent two-seater paddlers in a long series of countries have preferred this new model always expedient for paddling in closed as well as in open waters.

Because of its eminent qualities the “ACCORD” has already held its own beautifully entrance in the races. It gained Olympic Gold and Silver in Melbourne in 1956.

Regarding the shape of bottom the “ACCORD” is wholly different from the types up till now which have lacked sufficient buoyancy and, therefore, got to much beam at the water line at the pressing down of the V-shaped body by the weight of the canoeists. The “ACCORD” has a specially rounded shape of sections and rests uncommonly lightly on the water even with the heaviest canoeists. The craft is well-designed, its buoyancy being divided evenly between bow and stern in the most ideal proportion inted for the highest possible speed in quit and in troubled waters. It has, moreover, been possible to conquer, in the “ACCORD”, the well-known liability of the double kayak to suck in at the stern at high speed. A low elevation of the freeboards affords a favourable freedom of movement to the paddlers, and the partners will easily find their rhythm in this steady double kayak.

With a view to racing in a round course the “ACCORD” has been supplied with a most effective stern rudder, the blade of which is made of stainless steel.

Paddlers: 160 kg
Length: 650 cm
Beam: 55 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Designer: Jørgen Samson