K1 Touring - Swift (1956)

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Canoe touring it’s the very sport for the numerous canoeists who are of the opinion that the craft should be something beyond a mere highly developed competition tool. The canoe-touring paddler loves a bit of vagabonding in his holidays and week-ends, and certainly his adventures during glorious cruises are not inferior to chose of the racing canoeist. His boat should, however, be in order and able to conquer wind and waves, and also be designed for this purpose.

The “SWIFT” its genuine touring boat, no compromise; above all things it is a real seagoing kayak with a fine moderate sheer, and it will go softly and dry over the waves. The “SWIFT” will neither hug in contrary seas nor be “jawing” in following seas. Riding on a wave crest it will not sink down amidships thanks to the good buoyancy of its above-water body.

The “SWIFT” is smooth running even at high rate of speed, and its wind resistance is considerably less than that of the older and bigger touring boats to whom it is a match in stability. The “SWIFT” with its elegant and modern lines is equally suitable for light and heavy canoeists. In spite of its slender shape it possesses good buoyancy left and will hold a lot luggage that can easily be stowed into its smooth laminated hull.

Width: 56 cm
Length: 520 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Designer: Jørgen Samson