K1 Touring - Rob Roy

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Even though you are competitor, you ought to try this kayak. You are used to move fast, but you will be surprised at the speed in this incredible stabile kayak. It is even possible to get a quite good spurt speed, considering that it isn’t a racing kayak.

The day when you retire from the training and races, it is nice to know that there is a real good kayak; in witch you can continue your sport, in a more comfortable way.

Of course the touring kayaks have to be as perfect, as the racing kayaks are in there field. The English paddler Alex Moulton took the assignment with Mr. Jørgen Samson, to create the kayak, he was missing.

The “ROB ROY” is suitable for rowing in open sea, on rivers and lakes, everywhere one can wish for a smooth-running boat, with a very good stability and seaworthiness. Every beginner will immediately feel secure in this kayak, in witch nobody yet has capsized.
The “ROB ROY” has such a carrying capacity, and is so roomy that it possible to sleep in it. The “ROB ROY” is the kayak that the experienced paddlers have been waiting for, for so long. It is secure in all waters and in all weather conditions.

Weight: 16 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson