K1 Rancing - Cleaver X (1987)

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As of March 1987 the K1 ”CLEAVER” will be introduced as a new Jørgen Samson design, a result based on eight years of experience in said model. The K1 “CLEAVER” has the lowest water resistance ever measured in connection with a load capacity of 80 – 100 kgs.

The new “CLEAVER” has been improved in the following areas:

1. Increased directional stability, the kayak yaws less during paddle strokes due to the cross section being more pointed along the keel.
2. even lower wave formation is obtained though reduced curved waterlines at stem and stern. The bottom of this new model has thusly become 7 mm narrower where the bow wave occurs.
3. better support for the planing effect by means of fuller design at the top of the stern.
4. the height of the freeboard has been increased by 8 mm at stem, especially wanted by heavier paddlers.

Stability, carrying capacity and wetted surface remain unchanged.

Paddler: 80 -100 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson