K1 Racing - X-Lancer (1983)

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The ”X” means extra speed. What “LANCER” means is known to every paddler in the world. It is a very good kayak; it has 35 years of practice experience and will not be discontinued. “Lancer” is in tough competition with “TIGER” and “CLEAVER”, but “LANCER” is doing well, as it has been provided with a new bottom. This third version of the “LANCER” has now been tested and adjusted and from the 1.1.1983 the K1 models of Struer are “TIGER”, “CLEAVER” and “X-LANCER”.

The fore body in “X-LANCER” has a more sharp shape under the waterline. Here the lines are nearly straight, while they are curved and more fully by the deck. Hereby the carrying capacity is rapidly increasing upwards the hull, which is characteristic for the “LANCER”. The advances are a suitable course of the bow wave and good qualities in rough water.

The oblique freeboard in the fore body is in beautiful harmony with the more oblique at the width spot of the kayak. The shape has therefore become smooth and naturally suitably for varies loads. For the sake of the paddle stroke the deck in front of the cockpit has been made as narrow as possible in “X-LANCER”

The aft body has got even more carrying capacity at the top, then the fore body. The “X-LANCER” really “got something to stand on” in a sprint. Anyway no one will claim that this kayak has a big aft body. The slip is as nice as it use to be in the “LANCER”; therefore the competitors miss a good wave.

Like our other models the “X-LANCER” is made with at low aft body to reduce the effect of side wind. If you don’t trim it brutally “on the nose”, it will run straight in side wind, without any use of the rudder. In rough water a kayak will run best, never mind the direction, if it is trimmed to lay deep aft. It goes for the “X-LANCER” as well.

Amidships the cross section is the same as in the old “LANCER”. The long and narrow fore body makes the new one more living. The stability has not changed and is remarkable greater than in the “TIGER” and the “CLEAVER”. “X-LANCER” surpasses these models in reliability, but not in speed. The difference in water resistance is too small to be measured with certainness. Decisive is how the kayak react to the paddle strokes. The personal preference matters, many paddlers wouldn’t do without the qualities of the well known “LANCER”. A paddler with a pitching style will get the best of it in a steady and course stabile kayak as “X-Lancer”.

All the “LANCER” models have the same weak rocker and the hull over the water line is roomy. It is essential for the smooth and straight glide.

The shape of the “X-LANCER” is 100 % stabile; it is tightened up in real Honduras mahogany, with a better finish than ever before. 5 layers of varnish have been used, the kayaks is therefore protected by a thick layer of urethane, which is smoother, stronger and harder than polyester.
“X-LANCER” is provided with the new and effective rudder, and the seat is easy to adjust, both lengthwise and the height.

The “X-LANCER” it to be trimmed like the “TIGER” and the “CLEAVER”: lying still in the water, you will see that the kayak is higher (10 – 15 mm) at the stem than at the stern.

“X-LANCER” is build for a wide spectrum of load, between ca. 65 – 95 kg.