K1 Racing - Tiger (1980)

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The new ”TIGER” is the most beautiful kayak ever build. The shape is clean and simple and every line relates to speed. It can’t be done any better; this is Jørgen Samson’s masterpiece.

This is the canoeist’s impression of the “TIGER” as it got it’s début at the competitions around the world.

It is a fact that the shape looks simple, things always does when they reach perfection. The beautiful lines have been achieved by dogged work, as every possibility has been tried on the drawing board, in the test basin and during rowing. Not one millimetre can be changed anywhere, without reducing the speed. This is the reason why our competitors can’t do with an “improved” imitation.

Nothing less than “TIGER” will do.

With such a great preliminary work, the “TIGER” will not be surpassed in the years to come.  The same circumstance goes for the “CLEAVER”, which is build for more heavy canoeists. The “TIGER” is made for paddlers between 60 and 80 kg, max. 85 kg.

The experienced coach avoids ”soft” kayaks, and some times you can see them knock gently at the bottom. A dull sound reveals that there is no tension in the hull and therefore the kayak can’t be used by the best paddlers. With the best possible wood for the purpose, Honduras-mahogany, forced to its highest tension, the “TIGER” can stand any criticism.

The “TIGER” make the best possible use of its length. The long waterline is substantial less curvy then at the other kayaks. It brings less disruption in the water. The narrow bottom cut its way incredibly smooth through the water, no matter if it’s calm or rough.

The new cockpit doesn’t allow water to squeeze inside by the cover. The cover is fastened behind the wave guard, easily to place and to pull off.

The new shape of the deck provides extra freedom of movement. The paddle strokes get more effective, when the paddle can be drawn close to the centerline of the kayak. The aft body is so low, that the “TIGER” itself, can keep the course even by cross wind. Even a gentle turn by the rudder results in loss of speed.

The “TIGER” has got a moderate rocker, it is steering well, even though the turning radius is slightly bigger than the “CLEAVER’S”. The “TIGER” has got the new spade rudder with great effect; small water resistance; an easy adjustable foot rest and a large hatch to the rudder, with waterproof hatch cover.

In the “TIGER”, the paddler feels hardly any loss of speed between the paddle-strokes, because of the low water resistance. It has a perfect glide and doesn’t require any special style.

Paddlers who have tried the “TIGER” are calling upon attention to the accelerating capacity. The willingness for sudden leap forward will infect the paddler. You can’t help spurting in a “TIGER”.

The “TIGER” is a ticklish racing kayak; build for the heights speed in a race. A lot of paddlers has experienced, that getting use to this new model isn’t difficult.

Paddler:  60 - 80 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson