K1 Racing - Sprinter (1958)

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K1 ”SPRINTER” is, no doubt, the single kayak which in recent years has made itself most conspicuous at meetings held in the European countries. At the world championships in Prague 1958 the first ”SPRINTER” was introduced. Since then the ever increasing demand has proved that the ”SPRINTER” was the kayak for which most of the star canoeists had waited. The European championships at Duisburg 1959 were further proof that this was the doyen of the single kayak world. Hatlaczky, the Hungarian champion, took home a gold medal from the 10.000 m race. Kaplaniak, Poland’s world champion gained his ”SPRINTER” gold medal over 500  m course, whilst in the ladies´ event it was a Russian double victory by Kislova and Seredina which provided them with their ”SPRINTER” gold medals.

In contrast to previous types of kayaks the ”SPRINTER” has the largest beam behind the cockpit, giving the canoeists a freedom of movements unsurpassable in any other type of boat. The carrying capacity is excellent. The cross section being round from stem to stern provides a regular and slender form at the bottom which is advantageous both for light and heavy canoeists.

”SPRINTER” is produced in a moulded ply-wood deck and is delivered complete with seat and rudder.