K1 Racing - Shark (1960)

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”SHARK” is the one of our K1 models; witch has required the most preliminary work with calculations and practical experiments with different model boats. The aim was to find out how much the lifting effect, known from speedboats and certain sailboats, can be used by a kayak. “SHARK´s” moderate glide shape contains the sum of the experience we made.

The great carrying capacity in the aft body is characteristic for “SHARK”. The bottom lines are elegantly drawn downwards underneath the carrying part, witch stretch all the way till the lower edge of the stern. It provides the boat with an exceptionally easy glide in a spurt, and the experience shows that the paddlers with a smooth style, and not to slow cadence, get better results in “SHARK” than in any other kayaks.

The carrying capacity suite paddlers up till past 85 kg, but “SHARK” is so narrow by the lower part of the bottom that it also suite very light paddlers.

Unlike “FIGHTER”, “SHARK” has convex lines all over, and will therefore fulfil the upcoming rules of measuring. That’s the reason why the freedom of movements can not be at the same level, as in “FIGHTER”, but “SHARK” is nearly as narrow by the gunwale where the paddle is put in the water, and more narrow behind the cockpit, where it is taken up again. If the paddle is pulled correctly, in a straight line along the boat, there will be plenty of space between the handle and the gunwale amidships.

“SHARK” is designed to make the best possible use of the glide effect, at high speed. How much the constructor could achieve in that matter, was determined in the earlier mentioned experiments. Without any compromise the bottom has got the shape and the exact slenderness, witch provides it with the greatest speed. The under water hull has a semicircular cross section, witch fade into a more sharp shape towards the stern. This design has a sufficient lifting effect, less wave making and less wedded surface.

As mentioned earlier the for- and aft body is made narrow above the waterline, considering the freedom of moving for the paddle. On the other hand the freeboards are quit high at the stem and stern, where we also have given up the concave cross section. Because of this, “SHARK” moves still with a minimum loss of speed, even in rough weather, and when it comes to stability, “SHARK” is absolutely as good as “FIGHTER”.

Paddler: 50 – 90 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson