K1 Racing - Rapido (1960)

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K1 ”RAIDO” and K2 ”RIBELLE” are racing kayaks of convex cross sections and convex unbroken gunwale, and thus meet the demands of the suggested alteration in the rules of measurements.

Below the water-line these new models are the most slender we have ever designed without any increase in draught. The whole length of the boats provides excellent carrying capacity caused by the semicircular cross sections which stretch from stem to stern. Through this specially designed shape we have succeeded in decreasing the area of wet surface with a consequent decrease in resistance. By the same token the bottom has an exact grade of sliding-form which permits not only the stem but the whole boat to rise bodily in the water at high speeds.

At the water-line the new boats have exactly the same beam as the “SPRINTER” and “SISU”. Many years of experience and many hours of research have proved that this beam cannot be bettered. In designing the bow extensive consideration has been given to the formation of a low and smooth bow-wave. The U-shaped cross-section of the aft body is at its widest at the water-line, thus neutralizing the “down-suction”.

Above the water-line ”RAIDO” and ”RIBELLE” have excellent buoyancy and are known for their stability and seaworthiness. Amidships the jutting freeboard combined with the buoyant aft body lifts the boat over high waves without losing speed by pitching too hard. The fore and aft body are slender permitting the boat to penetrate small waves smoothly and providing an unhampered paddle stroke. Both models are low and freedom of movement can only be surpassed in kayaks with concave gunwale form.

”RAIDO” and ”RIBELLE” are built with a moulded ply-wood deck and stem and gunwale lists are made in very hard wood providing a strong resistance against blows or similar unfortunate incidents.

Paddler: 60 – 70 kg
Weight: 12 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson