K1 Racing - Ranger (1970)

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The ”RANGER” is a very low kayak, constructed for the international meetings that, in consideration of the open canoes, are always arranged at protected stadiums. The sides of the cockpit are also low allowing any style of paddling in this sprinter kayak.

Besides many years of experience, a lot of exact knowledge has been incorporated in the “RANGER”. There have been numerous possibilities to study the wave-making pattern of the previous model, the “HUNTER”, being pushed to the limit by the best paddlers in the world.

The bow wave stretches all the way to the cockpit, and remains visible some distance behind it. Our constructor added these “speed-waterlines” into his drawings, and the new models have been influenced by it.

By placing the widest part of the kayak in the trough of the waves, it is possible to meet the required beam measure, while keeping the aft body low. Even though this gives the freeboard a flatter V-shape, the freeboard doesn’t make contact with the water, unless the boat is leaned over. In that case the stabilizing effect is markedly greater than normal.

There is a lot of buoyancy in the aft body just above the waterline, which support the kayak so effectively that it doesn’t jump or stagger, even during the hardest strokes. The tendency towards sideway movements (zigzag) has been eliminated, because the shape of the aft part sharpens markedly towards the
For many years we have tried to reduce the climb "up-hill”, when the stern sinks into the hollow created by the bow-wave. You'll properly agree that we have come the furthest with our last models. The fore body of the “RANGER” is a bit narrower than the “LANCER”, but the buoyancy is exactly the same, giving the ideal distribution of the displacement. Alongside, the lines are softly curved and there are no flat areas in the cross section. The “RANGER” is very narrow amidships and the bottom has a thinner cross section than the "LANCER". Both have a prismatic coefficient of 0,62.

The part right in front of the cockpit where the paddle hits the water, and where the bow-wave is highest, has long been the object of attention. In the “RANGER” the round cross section continues past this area.

The rocker in the bottom is decisive for the qualities of the kayak. It has to be accurate within millimetres, and is inspected in every one of our boats. Since we started using our new compression plant, we have not found any deviations.

The “RANGER” displays a new and elegant silhouette, which minimizes the influence of the wind. It has been constructed for paddlers within the 60-80 kg weight range. The "LANCER" is the recommended.

Paddler:  60 - 80 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson