K1 Racing - Pointer 65 - 75 (1965 - 1968)

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The ”POINTER 65” has got its widest spot as far aft as possible, without affecting the bottom. It is a characteristic boat which caused very different reactions by the appearance last year. During the season the victories rapidly increased and towards the end it won several medals in Essen. 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals was won in a “POINTER”.

By the information’s we received from paddlers all over the world, it emerges that the “POINTER” is preferred not only because of its good freedom of movements. Also its precisely steering, has perfect glide through the water and – most important – its unsurpassed fastness is constantly pointed out.

The bottom of the “POINTER” has called upon admiration by paddlers as well as a naval architect. This boat follows the increase of the paddlers’ performance, because it is constructed for the incredible speed, which is achieved at the meetings now a day.

The “POINTER” is the fastest kayak for paddlers up till 70 kg, and therefore we have attached “65” to its name. If the weight passes 75 kg, the “POINTER 65” will sink to deep to keep the wedge shape above the waterline. Therefore we have produced a kayak with at bigger carrying capacity, especially in the lower part of the bottom.

Width a load of 80 kg, the width in the waterline will be 39 cm in “POINTER 75”, but it will be 40,5 cm in “POINTER 65”. By 75 kg the width will be the same in both models, but for paddlers’ les than that, the “POINTER 65” will be the narrowest at the waterline.

The reason why so many of the best paddlers has chosen the “POINTER”, is simply because that everything in this boat is better than before, it definitely goes for the quality of the workmanship as well.

Paddler:  50 – 75 and 75 – 90 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson