K1 Racing - Limfjorden (1948/1959)

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Throughout several years the preferred craft for racing – used by the world pick. The boat is laminated in 4 layers of veneer. It is build without ribs and floortimber. It is supplied in mahogany, the deck is covered with choice aluminium coloured duck, with seat and rudder. Can also be delivered with wash-boards mounted-in on request. A new system of steering facilitates a quick change of foot support. The seat is adjustable. This boat has won Olympic Gold Medals and World Championships.

New design in 1959
Weight: 12 kgs
Beam: 51 cm

The ”LIMFJORDEN” is an all-round racing kayak which masters all waters and weathers, it is build by the unsurpassed craftsmanship witch characterizes all KOBBERRUP boats and is a fine and durable kayak. Even if used daily, it is sure to be useful to the owner for many years.

The ”LIMFJORDEN” is completing at races all over the world and has enjoyed its share of victory. Now it has been restyled and the new stem and stern have made the water line 20 cm longer. The improved shape of the bottom has given the craft modern long lines and the speed has been increased without sacrificing any of its well-known stability and seaworthiness.

In 1959 the ”LIMFJORDEN” – as our other kayak designs – will be equipped with the new cockpit whose horizontal wash board prevents the water from washing over the coaming. The ”LIMFJORDEN” is delivered in Cedar veneer with deck canvas of silverblue special preparation, complete with seat and foot steering of the K1 standard style of which the rudder and the hatch cover are of impact resistant plastic.

Designer: Jørgen Samson