K1 Racing - Lancer (1969)

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In our efforts to improve the quality and durability of our kayaks we have at New Year started to use a new compression plant. This enables us to adjust pressure and heat exactly as we want it.

It has proved necessary to make new moulds for our kayaks as the ones previously used were not solid enough. Jørgen Samson was given the task of delivering the drawings and several months´ careful contractual work has until now resulted in an improved K-1 model “LANCER”.

Probably, only special experts might be able to see what is new about the shape of our kayaks. However, the paddler will no doubt feel a difference when paddling as the new model goes unusually plainly and quietly through the water. This is due to an increase of the carrying capacity over the water line, especially in the fore and the aft body.

This sounds simple but it must be considered that the width at the gunwale should not be increased by one millimetre where the paddle is drawn. Neither the width at the waterline should be touched; it is firm now after many years´ experiments. Only the round freeboard which the designer has introduced could give the great buoyancy wanted between the waterline and the gunwale. Even within these narrow limits there are many possibilities for the shape, but four years´ experiences with the round cross section shows the way to improvements.

In the coming time we will again and again be asked if the new model is faster than the previous one. Theory and calculations do not put us in a position to reply “yes” to this. The wave resistance is unchanged and the wetted area is only reduced by about 30 cm2  (like one fourth of a rudder’s surface). This small size is an average of several measuring and of no importance for the speed.

The advantage of the new model is as mentioned that they are more quiet in the water under the paddle strokes. In this way there is a possibility of obtaining a small saving in the water resistance (around ½ %). To this must be added that the new boats do not weaken the concentration of the paddler in a keen spurt, they keep to themselves irrespective of the paddling style.

Furthermore, the K-1 “LANCER” has an improved carrying capacity and seaworthiness. The initial stability is similar to the one of the previous model whereas the final stability is somewhat better.

We should be pleased to show you what our new plant can produce. You will agree with us that so smooth and beautiful kayaks have never been seen.