K1 Racing - Joker (1986)

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Similar to previous programmes the latest Struer K1 programme presents two highly specialized racing kayak designs, accompanied by a more stabile and all-round model.

The all-round “X-LANCER” model was redesigned in 1986 to increase its stability, which could only be succeeded in making the hull above the waterline fuller. Studies of the wave formations answered the problem and showed exactly where to make the kayak wider without impairing speed. Jørgen Samson’s latest design, the K1 “JOKER”, is beautifully low at cockpit and rear deck, and is thusly insensitive to side winds. The “JOKER” acquires planing effect already at 16 km/h and the paddlers emphasize that the “JOKER” does not stall when “it is up” and the speed is not being reduced between strokes.

The new model has been carefully tested and adjusted. The first racing results have arrived and they are amazingly good. It is now possible to win a race in a stabile kayak, provided it being a “JOKER” designs.

The load capacity in connection with the “JOKER” is unusually high: 60 – 85 kgs.