K1 Racing - Espada

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This boat is very popular among paddlers. They realize the advantage of a narrow fore body, when this modern shape isn’t exaggerated. The “ESPADA” has a very beautiful even shape, a lot of good qualities, both at smooth and at rough water.

The “ESPADA” is the result of putting in the continuing effort to create a better kayak by the constructors. These efforts lead to a fast as well as a stabile kayak. Since these qualities are opposing each other, the result is amazing. The “ESPADA” is not only smooth running at long distances; but also in rough sprint it shows its extraordinary performance.

The “ESPADA” is more stabile than most modern racing kayaks, and it runs through the water without any tendency to any zigzag movements.

Because the low model of the “ESPADA” is the most far demanded kayak, we ask the paddlers, who want to get the tall model, to make that very clear by ordering. The tall model is faster and more stabile for paddlers heavier then 82 kg. The height can also mean an increase of the seaworthiness, which the “ESPADA” is well known for.

”ESPADA” is build in cedar wood all over.

Weight:12 kg
Designer: Jørgen Samson