K1 Racing - Cleaver-X Millennium (1998)

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After a minor, but important adjustment of the hull of the ”CLEVER-X” in 1996, we have, in the summer of 1998, made a radical change of the deck construction. It was a long process, we had to change all the moulds, but the result was worth waiting for.

The new deck construction has made the front of the body extremely narrow, even narrower than the one at the “EVOLUTION”, all the way from the cockpit to the stem. The hull constructions itself are made smaller, and is therefor narrower, but it hasn’t effected the space for the feet. The narrow forbody continues behind the cockpit, so the width in the hull in this part also becomes smaller. Besides this, we have made a minor improvement of the bottom of the kayak.

All in all, the “CLEAVER-X MILLENNIUM” is therefore among the best we can offer from Struer.

The first tests among paddlers have already shown that the “CLEAVER-X MILLENNIUM” is cutting fantastic through the water without any tendency to commute form side to side. At the same time, the speed have been increased further. It has been confirmed that it only takes a few strokes to reach maximum speed.

On 25.05.1999 the Olympic - and world champion Knut Holtmann said:
“It is amazing – incredible course stabile – doesn’t jump during the strokes – doesn’t commute from side to side – the narrow forbody is perfect for that extra speed – it is very, very fast on maximum speed”.

The “CLEAVER-X MILLENNIUM” is being manufactured in the best materials, and by the best principles for workmanship. The nature’s own materiel, wood has incredibly strong fibres and it contains oil witch guarantees stiffness and a long durability.

It is optimal for those paddlers, who want speed and quality for their money.

The “CLEAVER-X MILLENNIUM” is patented, and anyone who tries to copy the kayak, or parts of it, or take part in it, will, if necessary be prosecuted.

Paddler: 70 -100 kg.