K1 Racing - ATTACK 65 - 75 - 85 (1958)

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"ATTACK 85” Canoeists weighing over 80 kg. should choose a kayak the breadth of which is increased, at the water line, to the least degree possible by the heavier load. At an increase of weight from 70 to 80 kg, the breadth at the water line of a normal kayak without concave sections will newer grow less than 14 mm, whereas the “ATTACK”, being already of a narrower shape, will only increase its breadth at the water line by 9 mm. In addition the “ATTACK” canoeist is further favoured by a more advantageous beam draft ratio, and thorough the distribution of the displacement. To heavy canoeists the normal “ATTACK” does not appear particularly ticklish to balance. Through our tests it has now proved to be narrow the “ATTACK 85” by 12 mm, at the water line, at the same time increasing its height by 18 mm. As to speed, heavy canoeists are given an additional asset by this specially designed model, losing nothing of its slenderness, not even when carrying a load of much as 100 kg.

The “ATTACK 85” is unsuitable for canoeists weighing less than 70 kg. To canoeists between 70 an 80 kg, it will seem an exceedingly fast boat, rather high however and a bit ticklish.

Canoeists weighing between 70 and 80 kg. have up till now derived the best advantage from the normal “ATTACK”, and it will therefore remain unchanged for these canoeists, under the name of “ATTACK 75”.

“ATTACK 75” Test have been made in Danish and foreign clubs where the “ATTACK” has been compared with other models. And nowhere there was any denying it that the “ATTACK” is the fastest kayak up till now. – This will continue to apply to the “ATTACK 75” for this weight of competitors. Its wave making is insignificant and its position in the water entirely impeccable when spurting in a manner wholly its own. The experienced competitor will feel how smoothly the “ATTACK” follows his strokes, and its great number of victories on the boat-race courses confirms her prowess.

“ATTACK 65” Canoeists weighing less than 70 kg. have had some difficulties, during recent years, in holding there own. They have had to do without the advantages due to them because of their low weight. The correct solution is of course, the creation of a completely new kayak model, specially built for loads of between 55 and 70 kg, viz. the “ATTACK 65”. The lines of the new “ATTACK 65” for light canoeists of 55 to 70 kg will prove to all experts the masterly way in which our Designer, Jørgen Samson, has succeeded in solving this problem. A more beautiful and well-proportioned kayak was newer designed, let alone built.

Something more than beauty will be found, however, in these graceful lines; an unequalled piece of experimental by no precedent, Mr Samson has elaborated every detail with a view to intensification of speed. From stem to stern the “ATTACK 65” is a novelty.

Paddler: 55-70, 70-80, 80-100 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson