K1 Racing - Arrow (1956)

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With its own individuality the “ARROW”, when introduced in 1956, immediately satisfied the taste of the canoeists. All who tried it was impressed by its comfort and today the “ARROW” is the most popular single kayak. Olympic gold, numerous European Championships, and at the World Championship in Prague 2 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals prove that it is a boat with unusual qualities.

The “ARROW” is an unusually slender, convex kayak, designed to meet the required 51 cm beam thanks to an ample height. Where this height is uncomfortable for the canoeist or disadvantageous for the qualities of the boat, the hull is lower, the gunwale – forming a fine curve – having been brought down to an adequate height. The “ARROW” has been made low and narrow abaft and abreast of the cockpit. It is the first kayak in which canoeists have had the possibility of free utilization of their strength. The low aft-body gives the kayak a steady course in side wind and the higher fore-body lifts the boat over the seas in the right way because the buoyancy is greatest just in front of the cockpit. With its special form, the fore-body mainly forces the water down under the bottom of the craft during navigation. These currents create buoyancy which the stern is built to utilize. The result is a lifting effect aft which the “ARROW”- canoeist feels as an improved run at the greatest rates of speed. The “ARROW” is just as advantageous with a swift, smooth paddling-style as with a more abrupt one. Even if, in the latter case, it is moved by jumps it is nevertheless cutting quite easily through the water. The fantastic speed of the “ARROW” is now an acceded fact, and for many canoeists this wonderful boat will be the only one suitable.

Many canoeists are inclined to begin the paddle stroke close to the boat, pulling slanting and finishing farther out. In the “ARROW” the paddle blade is put into the water in front of the widest part of the boat, allowing the handle to pass unhindered. It is a fact that even canoeists with a low paddle style will have the correct parallel strokes in an “ARROW” by following the outlines of the hull. He “ARROW” is built of Cedar veneer with stem, stern, edge lists, and inlaid Maple Wood. The deck is specially prepared of first-class canvas. It is delivered complete with seat, rudder, and steering equipment.