C4 Racing - Alfa

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Earlier attempt to extend a C2 up till 9 meter has shown: it will rock under the canoeists when they are rowing. The canoeists need a lot of space and the pressure is high. This example shows that a canoe can be to narrow and stick to deep in the water. The wedded surface can be more than 400 cm2 greater than necessary.

The C4 “ALFA” is designed by Jørgen Samson and based on reducing the water resistance by combination of the best width and shape of the bottom. By this adjustment of the bottom, the carrying capacity reduces the depth till max. 16 cm; even though the crew is heavy or light. The water resistance is as small as possible.

The “ALFA” is designed after the latest experiences. It has a well proportioned rocker which maker it easier to maintain the course. The semicircular cross section makes it as harmoniously as the C1 and C2´s.

The height of the freeboard and the width are no different as the paddlers are used to from the C2`s. Therefore it is easy to change between these models.

The “ALFA” is trimmed when lying horizontal and the distance between the paddlers is no longer than necessary.

The canoe is produced in real Honduras mahogany wood, has solid shape and rib free construction.

Width: 75 cm
Length: 900 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Designer: Jørgen Samson