C2 Racing - Sitka

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Danish Canoe and Kayak builders have been convinced about the fact that boats with a round bottom are the fastest. As early as in 1960 the designer Mr. Jørgen Samson started the drawing of the new 6,5 m C2, in a round-bottomed design. However, the first C2 that left our yard, was V-shaped, because well known Scandinavian and German paddlers demanded that shape, because of its steering qualities.

Our designer, who is known as a specialist in round bottomed boats, thought it was possible to build a faster boat with fine steering qualities, kept on working with the round bottomed canoe.

The skilful East European canoe builders, have developed some fine round bottomed racing canoes, witch have made the believers in the V-shape falter. We have followed the development closely, and decided to build a C2 that removes the remaining doubt, towards the round-bottomed canoes.

Now there is a lot of experience to learn from and as always, it is the paddlers’ judgements of the boat qualities, witch is of great value to us. This time, it is especially Russian paddlers, who have participated to complete our new C2 model, the “SITKA”.

The “SITKA” is not just an improvement of earlier models; it is a complete improvement of the C2 Canadians. The water resistance is reduced to the same as in a K2. Further reducing is not possible.

It is by reduction of the friction, the greatest saving has been achieved. The 40 drawings of the cross-section have been worked through again and again, until the absolutely smallest wedded surface was achieved. Because of this, the “SITKA” is at least 5 sec. faster at a 1000 m, than the V-shaped “PONCA”.

The wave resistance has also been reduced. Nowadays there are enough materials about the speed, and the way the long canoe are moving through the water. It is therefore possible, for the experienced designer, to work out the shape of the hull beneath the water line, with accuracy that never has been possible before. The result is that the “SITKA´s” wake is even lower and smoother than the “PONCA´s”.

Without using a sharp V-shaped bottom, it has been possible to build a canoe witch is course stabile; but it is turning willingly, when it is tilt to the side in the curves at a course.

The uncovered part of the canoe is tall enough to use the “SITKA” at rough waters. At the front the freeboard is 19 cm high, and 14 cm by the waterproof bulkhead aft. At the widest spot the hull is 32,5 cm, and the freeboard is 21 cm. Here the gunwale list is made extra wide to strengthen the boat, and keep it in shape at this vulnerable part. The height freeboard and the wide gunwale list prevent the “SITKA “ to take in water during a turn.

The covered part of the canoe is lower. By the stem and stern it is only 16 cm and 5,5 cm height. Especially the aft body is extremely low, and it prevents the side wind to turn the canoe up against the wind.

By stem and stern there are marks, showing how the boat shall be trimmed during speed.

There are waterproof bulkheads for and aft. The wave guard is build as an all in one construction, and designed in an improved shape.

Weight: 20 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson