C2 Racing - Omega (1986)

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"OMEGA” is the new model which from 1986 will replace the C2 “ASPIDA”. The “OMEGA” is designed by Jørgen Samson and based on the latest knowledge about water resistance. The wedge shape has thus been introduced in the racing canoe with the displacement curve (distribution of carrying capacity) which has been determent by means of measurements resistance in a test basin.

The distinctive feature of the bottom form of the “OMEGA” is that it is strongly pointed towards the bow and stern. Yet, the carrying capacity in the fore and aft body is the same as in latest K2 models, but in the canoe it is achieved by means of a deeper form for the sake of the directional stability.

The rudderless canoe must be able to keep its course by itself. If the canoe is put out of its course it is a self-increasing process and it takes so much time to straighten out the canoe that it may change the result of a race. A deep, sharp stern prevents the canoe from being put out of its course, but at the same time forms a conspicuous stern wave. This problem has been solved by means of the extremely sharp stern of the “OMEGA”.

Steering problems are most often caused by the wind and furthermore the speed of a canoe is reduced especially by a headwind. The consequence of this is seen in the low freeboard of the “OMEGA” which slopes outwards the gunwale line everywhere in the undecked part of the canoe. For this reason the “OMEGA” does not take in much water even though it is low.

From start to finish
In all quarters a quick start has been emphasized as one the main advantages of the wedge shape. The long, narrow fore body has a good grip in the water; it cleaves ahead so that even the strongest pitching movements are transformed into acceleration. In a few seconds the “OMEGA” has reached maximum speed which can be kept up because of the low wave formation. The fact that it takes less strength to propel it is of course an advantage in the final spurt. Here the “OMEGA” is the racer before all others. It shoots ahead willingly in the paddle strokes, which definitely is not a normal thing for the rocker less racing canoes.

Designer: Jørgen Samson