C2 Racing - Cheeta

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Each time the course has to be corrected, most often because of side winds, the paddling rhythm in a canoe is disturbed. The C2 “CHEETA” is a good example of what can be done to improve the course stability of a canoe. Everyone knows its harmonic shape with the long horizontal lines. The correct relation between the heights of the fore and aft bodies is evident for everyone.
However the practical reason for the shape is to counteract any tendency to turn to windward. The shape of the rocker in the bottom has even greater influence on the steering. This also affects the shape of the rest of the canoe and thereby influences its water resistance. With the “CHEETA” we have got a canoe with the ideal balance between steer ability and course stability and with a shape which is the fastest both for light and heavy paddlers.

Designer: Jørgen Samson