C1 Touring - Struer Canoe

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Eminent technique and materials
“THE STRUER-CANOE” is made in shaped ply-wood – a construction method we successfully have used for many years by building our racing kayaks and –canoes. These racing kayaks and – canoes are used by world champions. The experience building these boats has led to the developing of “THE STRUER-CANOE”. This is one of your guarantees for good workmanship and quality work.

The layer of ply-wood on the inside and outside of “THE STRUER-CANOE” is made of mahogany. For the layers in between we have chosen other sorts of wood, in order to give the canoe the right qualities. The design with mould ply-wood – makes the surface of the boat smooth and easy to keep dry and clean. The ply-wood construction is also a guarantee for a 100% waterproof boat.

Seaworthiness and good steering stability
The hull below the water at “THE STRUER-CANOE” is sharp both at the stern and the stem. It supplies the canoe with a good grip in the water that makes it possible to maintain course, even when paddling alone. In rough wind conditions the course stability is good because of the relative low fore body. Naturally the shape of the stem and stern are different – it has to be on a modern canoe. The fore body is slim with an out falling freeboard that lifts the canoe soft and dry over the waves in headwind. At the stern the canoe is slim at the gunwale to give the paddler sufficient space for rowing and steering. Even though the stern is slim at the upper part, it has a good carrying capacity. It is a quality that comes handy when the waves are coming from behind and when you row alone.

“THE STRUER CANOE” is light and handy, easy to carry for two persons and easy to transport on the top of a normal car.

“THE STRUER CANOE” is 508 cm long, 95 cm wide and weight of ca. 35 kg.

“The STRUER CANOE” is stabile towards capsizing. The rectangular cross section supplies the canoe with the great stability.

”THE STRUER CANOE” has of plenty space and has a good carrying capacity. There is enough space for crew and camping-equipment – even for longer tours. The wide – of 95 cm – is not reduced by frames; there is comfortable sleeping place for two.

“THE STRUER CANOE” is designed by Jørgen Samson – the well-known designer in kayak and canoes. Jørgen Samson has put great effort into a lot of qualities, which make “THE STRUER CANOE” stand out from other touring canoes:

1. A light canoe.
2. A canoe which always is waterproof, beautiful and easy to maintain.
3. A canoe that is smooth as a racing canoe on the outside.
4. A canoe without frames.
5. A canoe with great seaworthiness and a lot of room.
6. A canoe with a speed on a different level than other touring canoes.

Through these means, we can guarantee you a good C1 – touring canoe of good quality.

Weight: ca. 35 kg
Length: 508 cm
Width: 95 cm
Designer:  Jørgen Samson