C1 Racing - Regatta

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This new model was designed in co-operation with the most skilled canoeists in view of the Olympiad at Helsinki, and it proved to come up to the expectations, as it was this canoe which won gold at 1000 meters.

Being a typical racing-craft it has a daring and sharp bottom with a well utilised length and good carrying capacity.

This model is supplied in C1 as well as C2.

C1 is delivered with floor-board-grating. C2 is delivered with laminated floor-board.

It is not by chance
that Struer Kayak & Canoes Building Yard’s boats are in the greatest demand over the whole world. Our models are well chosen and the quality of our craftsmanship is acknowledged everywhere. Due to the close co-operation we have now attained with the well-known Kayak & Canoe designer Jørgen Samson we shall be able to improve the quality further. We are aiming at a product which will exceed everything we have hitherto produced. – We have no class-distinction; for the beginner as for the World Champion the boat is of the same superior quality.

Weight: 20 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson