C1 Racing - Pawnee (1964)

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The “PAWNEE” has achieved so many good results that we have decided to make an improved model in 1964.

The “PAWNEE” is designed later then the C2 “PONCA”. Therefore has the “PAWNEE” a considerable more round cross section. In the 1964 model, the V-shape is removed; the bottom is now nearly semicircular below the waterline. It doesn’t go for the aft body, most paddlers prefer a V-shaped cross section there; thereby it accomplish the demands for the directional stability in C1. By this reason there is only a small rocker at the bottom of the “PAWNEE”. This allows the stem and stern to go deeper in the water. This demands very slim lines in the for and aft body, where the displacement must not go beyond a certain size, in relation to the total displacement.

The “PAWNEE” has the same ideal disposition of the displacement as a modern K1 and the same width at the water line; which is 37 cm, by a load of 70 kg.

In comparison with the “SITKA”, the “PAWNEE” is made lower at the covered part of the boat. At the stern and stem the 1964 model is 2,5 cm lower than before.

In the C1 “PAWNEE” for and aft body is a waterproof bulkhead placed and marks for the trimming the canoe.

Weight: 16 kg
Designer: Jørgen Samson