C1 Racing - Parole (1956)

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The “PAROLE”, the racing Canadian canoe above all others, is characterized by the same ideas at present causing a sensation among canoeists. Its bottom has a conspicuous resemblance to that of the “ARROW” but for once the Canadian has affected the kayak, the “PAROLE” displaying, at very first test last year her amazingly fine qualities. Its rounded frame, acknowledged by all boat designers as the most expedient to further speed, has been adopted within Canadian paddling, too, through this boat.

In the most expedient way the “PAROLE” utilizes the rules of measurement. From the very narrow semicircular body below water the sides of the body are carried flatly up to the gunwale attaining the required minimal beam in front of the middle of the boat high above the water surface. Towards the stern the strongly falling out freeboards pass into a more vertical position, being finally drawn somewhat inwards at the gunwale. In connection with the vertical outline of the bow this shape proved to be substantially speed improving. Having the narrowest water line of any Canadian, the bottom from its semicircular form passes into a very deep and sharp V-form at stern, out of regard for the steering. The “PAROLE” is particularly smooth running, positively bounding forward at the strokes, and in our opinion no swifter boat can possibly ever be made within the rules in force.

The “PAROLE” double canoe is supplied with laminated floorboard.

The “PAROLE” single canoe is lower and fitted with a floorboard grating.

The “PAROLE” can be supplied in the future with a deep and narrow keel list, the canoeists preferring a boat easy to steer.

Length: 520 cm
Width: 75 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Designer:  Jørgen Samson