C1 Racing - Manitou

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C1 ”MANITOU” provides the canoeists with all the advantages which only Canadian, specially designed for single racing, can give. This latest model has been designed after considerable research and consultation with the finest C1 canoeists. It has been tested and has proved itself in all conditions. The “MANITOU´S” narrow bottom has been designed to provide lines which are clean and smooth and even when the boat, for the sake of the steering, is forced to list on either of the sides no speed is lost. The stern is unusually low and the steering consequently influenced very little by a side wind. The aft deck measures 75 cm. Superficially “MANITOU” has a V-shaped cross section.

On closer examination, however, the experienced canoeist will notice that immediately above the water-line the deep and very sharp sections in both the bow and the quarter grow more fully. The boat, therefore does not tilt, when under stroke. The cross section is more rounded amidships below the water-line. This design gives the necessary result: “MANITOU” lies lightly on the water and the very small water-line beam makes it extremely rapid with a minimum drift in inclement conditions.

“MANITOU” is delivered in a deck of cedar veneer and a very hard fender board.

Weight: 20 kg
Length: 520 cm
Width: 75 cm
Designer:  Jørgen Samson