C1 Racing - Amageddon (1999)

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Developed by Ole Gibsholm-Madsen upon the wishes and demands from the paddlers and based on the great experience achieved by designer Jørgen Samson and the specialists in Struer. The development at the drawing table and the moulding works lasted several months and was finished in April 1999 with some very promising tests at DMI (Danish Maritime Institute). The “ARMAGEDDON” will set new standards for the C1 paddling in the new Millennium.
The “ARMAGEDDON” has been patented.

When plan looking the forebody of the “ARMAGEDDON” is narrow like a racing kayak. Where the paddle catches the water the biggest width is 22,5 cm, located 5,5 cm above the waterline. On level with the centerline the biggest width is 41,5 cm corresponding to an average reduction around 25 %. Combined with a low gunwale the narrow forebody offers an ergonomic and effective work position. Body and paddle are working vertically and the strokes appear close to the centerline witch at the same time improves the stability.

The first impression is dominated by the low gunwale in the whole area of the strokes. The side-wind susceptible area has been reduced by 3,4 %, whereas the partial area aft the paddler has been reduced by 14 %. This is exactly the area of such a big importance for the tendency to turn up against the wind, and getting this on opposite side the paddler has to include a certain amount of steering – or the canoe may be tried out with a deep aft trim. Both such actions mean loss of speed! With “ARMAGEDDON” this problem has been solved.

The section below the waterline is narrow, with almost straight lines running to stem and stern, and with a paddlers weight of 85 kg the width of the waterline has been reduced by 9 %, corresponding to 36 cm. Aft the rib design has a sharp V-shape and the rocker is low with a deep course aft due to brilliant steering qualities. At stem and stern the middle line has passed in a soft curve without the splashes of water. The wetted surface has been reduced by 6 %.
“ARMAGEDDON” is very suitable for paddler’s weight of 70 – 105 kg.

The width of the waterline divided by the deep course is the result of stability. At a load of 85 kg this item will be reduced by 9 %. Against this is the improvement of stability resulting from the stroke close to the centerline and the new 1 cm lower floorboard construction. Regarding the fact of a “dry” canoe the freeboard at stem/stern is sized like in “DELTA SPRINT”.

DMI (Danish Maritime Institute)
In April 1999 naval tests were operated at DMI involving both “ARMAGEDDON” and “DELTA”. In the 220 m test basin at Danish Ship Research Laboratory resistance tests at different speeds were accomplished. And having the results from 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta in mind the “ARMAGEDDON” will have – other things being equal – a lead of 9,9 meters in a 500 m race!

WORKMANSHIP“ARMAGEDDON” is hand built in cold moulded veneer, chosen in accordance with its function and glued together using advanced systems. A lot of canoes are made of combined glass/carbon fiber constructions. Do such materials exceed the wood? No – they do not! The difference is big, and many fibers act like a wet newspaper. – When it dries it shrinks – because the upper area is not the same in the total length of the canoe. This may cause changes in the rocker. Fibers are dead materials whereas the wood will continue to have its tensioned qualities. – Experiences from many paddlers confirm to us that a soft boat does not bring any speed. As material wood has not yet been exceeded!

Paddler: 70 – 105 kg
Design: Jørgen Samson and Ole Gibsholm-Madsen