Boater's (w)

269,00 kr
Brand: NRS
Undgå vabler og beskyt hænderne modsolen, men denne letvægts damehandske.
Boater's Glove er ideel til sommerens roture.
  • Amara® synthetic leather on the palm extends to the cuff to protect skin against blisters and reinforce the wrist when putting the gloves on.
  • Palm design features silicone accents for even better grip and control plus small vent holes for breathability.
  • Tie on a new fly or open a soda without having to remove the gloves with the open-finger design.
  • Never loose the pair with the Pairing Snaps on the wrists.
  • Nylon/spandex material extends a little farther past the wrist to pair with long-sleeves for ultimate sun protection. 
Str. Width (cm) Length (cm)
XS 7.0 15.2
S 7.6 16.5
M 8.3 17.8
L 8.9 19.1
XL 9.5 19.7