Rödlöga LV

15.999,00 kr
Brand: Melker

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Modellen er inkl. ror & finne/skeg

From a design perspective the kayak is innovated with rougher waters, currents, tides and surf waves in mind – yet being stable, secure and easily maneuvered in calmer waters – bringing a perfect kayak to evolve your skills together with.

The look-and-feel of Melker Rödlöga is breathing surfish-bamboolicious-awesomeness and benefits from the FSC Bamboo Composite characteristics in combination with a honeycomb structure.  This makes the kayak lighter, stiffer, and more durable. With the use of bamboo, a fast-growing completely renewable grass, Melker Rödlöga is also less harmful to the environment.

The kayak’s great playfulness shows itself with the well defined rocker, the hard chines and its flat mid-section hull - delivering a highly responsive kayak with excellent maneuverability - making it perfect for versatile play in the most challenging waters.

Melker Rödlöga is designed for skeg to aid tracking capabilities in cross winds, still the kayak’s control can be even further enhanced with a responsive and retractable rudder (option).

The kayak is designed by award winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, together with Melker Kayaks’ design-team, to meet our highest possible standards of sustainability, design & innovation, function & safety, and value-for-money.

With Melker Rödlöga we take yet another step towards fulfilling Melker Kayaks’ vision of producing kayaks with zero environmental impact.