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Play HV, Rock Solid

22.999,00 kr
18.999,00 kr
Brand: Zegul
Play HV i Rock Solid (demomodel med finne).
Har haft få skader i topcoaten, som er blevet repareret (se billeder).

Denne model er produceret i Rock Solid kvaliteten:

We at Zegul took the well known, Arrow kayaks developed Rock Solid construction and improved it even further. It certainly wasn’t an easy task. Mr. Ilcus from Arrow kayaks was a part of the R&D team and carefully inspected all the layers at our facilities. After discussion and testing de decided to add another layer of glass/kevlar, making the laminate even stronger and stiffer.

The positioning of the pure kevlar keel strip was modifi ed to give even better results. We also made improvements on the outer fi nish of the keel strip for a smoother and more even result. After thorough tests we are convinced that it is a success!