Content in this issue includes: 360˚; What’s on; Baja on steroids: circumnavigating Mexico’s second-largest island, Angel de la Guarda; Ionian Village Hopping; Seasonal Delights – Celebrating Lichens; Kayak Kaizen; Greenland Paddler: A dichotomy of paddles: East meets west; Navigation: Magnetic North Lines; Sea kayaking guide to the Isle of Bute and surrounding waters: Part 2; ISKGA Series: Paddling in hostile environments; Shop Talk: Pacific Outfitters; DIY: Let people know what you are carrying and where; Is It “All in Your Mind”?; Reviewed: AT Oracle
and KayakPro Compact Ergo; Getaways; ISKGA Profile: Rob Mercer; Competition: Win a Reed Chillcheater AquathermTuiliq and Avataq.