530 3D C-Core (demo)

26.999,00 kr
14.999,00 kr
Brand: Zegul
Ekstra nedsat!
Zegul 530 3D C-core (med ror & finne).
Hurtig og stabil havkajak med god pakkeplads.
Denne model har også fået montereret Keelstrip / KeelEasy.
Længde 530 cm. Bredde 52 cm. vægt 21,5 kg.

Dette er en 3DCC model, og vejer derfor mindre end en normal glasfibermodel (A-Core).

Her an du læse om 3DCC:

Kayaks built with this method are finished with a clear carbon hull, which takes years of experience to be done correctly.
We have launched a new 3 dimensional carbon fabric into this construction, giving even tougher and stiffer kayaks. 
The ZEGUL 3D C-CORE kayaks are built using full HD LRA core lay-up in the kayak hulls. 

This production method combines vacuum infusion technology with high performance properties of special marine grade epoxy resin and several types of carbon fiber, carbon/aramide and glass multiaxial fabrics to create probably the highest quality carbon core built kayaks in the industry.
These kayaks are even more versatile than the regular carbon/aramide and carbon built kayaks on the market.