Struer Kajak

K1 Stranger

Length 520 cm
Width 42 cm
Weight app. 11 kg
Athlete weight Max 75 kg

The ultimate competition kayak for lightweight (under 70 kg) paddlers.

Built as it is of the finest materials, it has an incomparable directional stability, and with the first and decisive stroke when you leave the starting position, you'll feel your Stranger accelerate like no other.

Finely tuned to the finest detail and adapted to current international design rules for competition kayaks, you will note that there is the smallest possible loss of energy in the power transfer from paddle to kayak.

From the crack of the starting pistol to crossing the finishing line, the uncompromising quality of the craftsmanship and the 60 years of experience in Struer in designing the fastest kayaks in the world are your key to success.

Owning a Stranger will inevitably have you feeling like a winner.

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