Struer Kajak

Quality, lifestyle and Danish design at its best

Struer Kajak is the oldest company in the sector.

The company was founded by the two cabinetmakers Sv. Helge Kobberup and Gerhard Sørensen in 1947, and two attractive and unique kayaks from Struer were already crossing the finishing line in 1948 at the Olympic Games in London – the first with gold to Karen Hoff from Randers and the second with silver to Frederik Kobberup from Struer was the trail-blazing result.

Elegance, functionality and speed

The racing kayaks are still the centre of the trade.

The attractive shape, the functionality and the design. Struer Kajak developed a completely new touring kayak in 2001 in the same uncompromising quality, and under exactly the same principles.

The touring kayak Active was launched, and the kayak builders in Struer are now well on the way with a revolutionary new boat for the growing market for sea kayaks – a Stradivarius of sea kayaks in wood.

Craftsmanship in a class of its own

Unrivalled durability and stability. The touring kayaks from Struer Kajak will become the obvious choice if functionality, the ideal form and the choice of the perfect materials are important in your search.

Struer Kajak now also offers touring and sea kayaks in fibreglass and fibreglass/carbon fibre.

The touring kayak Arrow, the sea kayak Shanty and the sea racer Shark are all developed and built in the same uncompromising quality, and with the same sense of detail.

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